Products and Services

Innovative technology solutions
Our services cut across several industries creating additional revenue for companies using innovative technology solutions. These include:

Airtime Lending

This service extends airtime credit facilities to selected pre-paid mobile network subscribers.


MyStatus is a unique mobile service that enables subscribers on to share their status messages or adverts that will appear on their callers' phone screen.

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Content Services

With this service, mobile network subscribers can subscribe to receive and consume media content such as comedy, sports updates, horoscopes, news, personal development and empowerment on mobile devices at their convenience etc.

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Mobile Advertising Suites

A mobile service whereby different advertisers e.g. fast moving consumer goods, banks, etc. can advertise to customers using the mobile telephone channel. This service offers targeted and on-demand advertising to advertisers and consumers respectively.

Power Now Service

With this service, Greystone offers efficient solutions that aim to solve current challenges such as power revenue losses, distribution losses, payment default and lack of convenient payment channels faced by the Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOS).

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